Institute of Structures & Advanced Materials
Patras, Greece

ISTRAM - Institute of Structures & Advanced Materials


Institute of Scientific and Technological Research in Aeronautics and Mechanical Engineering


ISTRAM is a non-profit contract engineering and research organization specialized in aeronautics related research. The institute was established in 1991 and is based in Patras, which is the main Greek port to Western Europe and an important industrial centre and is situated near-by the large local university.

ISTRAM has emerged in its area of expertise as one of the strong scientific and technical groups in Greece and as a reliable partner in design, development and testing of prototype research hardware as well as in development and verification of advanced concepts in aeronautics. ISTRAM's success is largely due to its expert professionals who have accumulated a considerable experience in industrial and academic research activities carried out in the frame of more than 250 national and international projects. The Institute has been proven to be a strong link for connecting basic and applied academic research to industrial applications. It offers services either in the form of complete subcontract, or by servicing industries, universities or SMEs to set up and manage research activities.

In 2008, ISTRAM has established an open network consisting of the key laboratories for aeronautics research in Greece. The network operates as a virtual research centre and covers a wide area of the aeronautics sector, aiming in medium term to cover the entire area of aeronautics.

ISTRAM has been for more than ten years the local representative of AeroPortal (former SCRATCH), which is the initiative of EC for helping SMEs to participate in EC funded aeronautical related research.